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The short of it?

Author of contemporary romance starring sassy heroines, sexy heroes, and sultry times in small-town America.

WHO IS Cate Tayler?

The long of it?

I am superwoman.

At least that’s what my loved ones say because I juggle family, work, sports, and a burgeoning writing career. But I don’t look nearly as good in a pair of tights as Brandon Routh or even the late Christopher Reeves.

I also don’t do anything any other working mother wouldn’t do. So if I’m superwoman, so are they. In fact, I think there should be an official club. I’d really like my own cape and tiara. (Which I would probably find in my daughter’s dress-up bin along with my nice heels…)

Yet, even without the cape & tiara, I’ll accept the moniker, with this definition:

1. US Air Force veteran and dependent, madly in love with her husband and children; 2. aspiring romance author; 3. multiple-miscarriage survivor and awareness advocate; 4. displaced Yankee/”Nutmegger” who craves the sand between her toes and the lullaby of rolling waves; 5. rabid Miami Dolphins fan; 6. pretty good amateur chef who loves to cook but hates to bake; 7. slightly obsessive fan of Haven and Arrow, and devoted shipper of Naudrey & Olicity; 8. closet Trekker still angry they killed Trip; 9. proud sports mom found on a field or court somewhere most days of the year; 10. advanced practitioner in the art of Procrastination, novice in the virtue of Patience; 11. sympathetic crier; 12. hopeless romantic; 13. 80s nostalgic; 14. Eternal optimist (see #5) or possibly delusional (also see #5)

(c) 2017-2018 Cate Tayler. All Rights Reserved.