Sassy & Sultry Romance

Cate Tayler 

© Copyright 2017-2018 Cate Tayler. All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt from Love Me Now


Calista went straight to her room as soon as they returned to the condo. Miles couldn't blame her. It was a long day and they had a long evening ahead of them. He contemplated skipping the party--he could claim he wanted his fiancée all to himself. But that would just postpone the inevitable. He'd have to introduce Calista to his uncle before he would believe he was serious about settling down. Once he got a look at the ring, he shouldn't have any doubts about it.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. He had planned on getting her a ring, but he hadn't planned on plunking down twenty-grand to do so. He knew a jeweler just outside Beantown who would let him discreetly borrow a ring. But when he passed by the window and saw the ring on display, he was struck with the idea that Calista needed something amazing. He knew she would love the ring--it was just the right blend of traditional and unique. Just like her.

He wanted her to keep it when all this was over, a memento of their time together, but that was another miscalculation. When would she wear it? She'd probably be engaged to Will by the summer and he'd get her a nice ring. Miles smiled to himself. No matter what ring he got her, she would never have that look of amazement she had earlier.

He heard the shower start and decided it was time for him to make his phone calls. He didn't want to think about the little Greek Goddess in there lathering up, wearing his ring. He needed to show some restraint. She had become too special to him to be just another conquest, and he didn't want her to return to her normal life with any regrets. Something told him sleeping together would be one huge regret for her, even if it would be a memory he would hang on to the rest of his life. The last thing he wanted or needed was to be someone else's biggest disappointment in life. Being his parents' was more than enough.

After an hour, he'd finished his calls and gotten ready for the party, but Calista had still not emerged from her room. He knocked on her door.

"Calista! Come on!"

Her phone rang from inside and he groaned. His own phone was starting to buzz with messages from his parents--and Michelle--asking how much longer they would be. He raised his hand to bang on the guest room door again, but the door opened before he had the chance. He sucked in a breath as he looked at the figure standing before him.

She was dressed in a champagne-colored dress with a satin and chiffon A-line skirt that just skimmed the top of her knees. It was cap-sleeved, showing off smooth, olive-toned arms, the satin bodice trimmed in crystal beads conservatively accentuating her generous breasts and coming to a taper at her waist, bringing attention to her hourglass shape. She had twisted her thick tresses into a bun at the back of her head, leaving a few of the curly tendrils out to frame her face.

Her hazel eyes sparked with light, and they were more green than brown thanks to the eyeliner she wore. Her apple-round cheeks showed a touch of pink, but were turning a darker pink the longer he gazed at her. He loved that blush of hers, loved that he could bring it on with just one look. He wondered what different colors he could make her blush with his hands under that dress...

"I'm ready," she said breathlessly, her gaze roaming over him.

"You are?" he squeaked out, so lost in his fantasy he forgot what they were doing.

"To go to the party." She looked at him expectantly, while he snapped back to reality.

"Right, I mean--finally." He stepped back to let her pass, and followed her to the foyer, watching the way her ass sashayed under the wispy fabric. He grew harder with each sway of her hips. Miles snapped his gaze away, muttering a string of oaths under his breath until the tension in his trousers eased.

"I'm sorry I took so long," she said, taking her coat from a hook by the door. He moved to take it from her hands and held it out so she could slip her arms into it.

"No problem," he said. If this was the end result of her taking her time--he'd wait for her any day of the week without complaint. "Who was on the phone?"

"My mom. She wanted to let me know they were able to book a contractor to begin on Monday. Oh, and Del Gutierrez arrived this morning. He and my dad really hit it off, so thank you again."

He smiled. "Good, I'm glad to hear it. Del's a really nice guy." He held the door open for her. "So--ready to enter the dragon's lair?"

"I thought I was being thrown to the wolves tonight?"

He play-smacked his forehead. "Right, right. Wolves tonight. Dragons tomorrow." She laughed as she passed by him and he caught the scent of fresh apples. Calista might feel like she was being thrown to the wolves tonight, but he was afraid he was the one in danger of being eaten alive.

(c) 2017-2018 Cate Tayler. All Rights Reserved.