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Creating Happily Ever After,

Chapter by Chapter

LOVE ME NOW - Book One in the Mystic Point Series

A sassy woman. A tortured billionaire. A pretend proposal. What could possibly go wrong?

A sassy young woman and a guilt-ridden billionaire get caught between family loyalties and their personal desires. Their pretend engagement provides a convenient solution for two people determined to protect their hearts, until they inconveniently fall in love.

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It's a second chance to have it all... ​Will they risk their present to take a shot at the future?

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Professional lacrosse player Avalon Rivera, "The Ice Queen", has been in love with her best friend's older brother since she was a kid. But after his stinging rejection, she wrote him off for good. Eight years later, he's back in her life and the lacrosse star is forced to work with him to salvage her team's reputation, or she'll lose the career she's fought hard for.

JJ Jennings is a premiere player in men's professional lacrosse, both on the field and off. But when he is reunited with Ava, the young girl he once thought of like a sister, he's tempted into becoming a one-woman man. If only he can convince The Ice Queen to give him another chance to heat up her sheets and thaw her heart.

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Taking the Shot:
A Lacrosse My Heart Novella

LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO- Book Two in the Mystic Point Series

​​Haley has seen the dark side of love and she won't risk falling into its trap. Not even for Will, the only man who's ever come close to making her rethink her vow to never marry. But the sexy handyman has his mind set on forever and he won't stop until Haley is wearing his ring. When the secrets Haley and Will have been keeping from one another threaten to crush their fragile relationship, they must decide if the promise of what they could have together is worth fighting for.

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Taking the Shot: A Lacrosse My Heart Novella

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