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Fifteen years ago, Webb Duncan obliterated my heart. Now he’s back with a proposal that could give me everything I ever wanted or break me for good…


Adopting my late best friend’s baby is all I want, but to make it happen means marrying the man who stole my belief in forever. What’s supposed to be a marriage of convenience puts me on a path I never thought I’d walk again with Webb, awakening dormant desires and opening my heart to him again.


But there’s something I’m hiding from him, something that might destroy us. How can I protect my secret when I’m falling for him all over again?


I thought I did the right thing when I left Piper all those years ago, but I was a fool. Now I’ll do anything for a second chance at loving her, including marrying her so she can adopt a baby. She insists this is a marriage on paper only. Until our wedding night, when it becomes something more. Now the family I always wanted is in my grasp.


But the choices I made continue to haunt me. How can I keep our past from coming back to tear us apart?

Under the mistletoe with your mister or miss, make a wish then seal it with a kiss...

Amaya Montero has a beautiful son, a lovely home, and is married to the love of her life. What she doesn't have is her husband's heart. After a brief summer romance resulted in their son, Cristian did the honorable thing and married her. But Amaya is tired of being his obligation. She wants him to love her the way she deserves -- wholly and passionately. Is that a wish too much for the mistletoe to handle?

Cristian isn't a sentimental man but he takes care of the people he loves. Though unexpected pregnancy changed his future, he loves the life he has now. Which is why he's surprised when Amaya announces she's leaving him. He hadn't realized how much he'd been taking his wife for granted. Now he must prove to her that he can love her the way she needs and that she has always held his heart.

For twelve days, Cristian woos Amaya with gifts to show his love truly is real and deep. But just as the ice around her heart begins to thaw, a figure from their past returns and threatens the delicate bond being rebuilt between husband and wife.

Will Amaya's mistletoe wish melt away? Or will the magic of the season help her and Cristian find their way back to one another?


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