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shirtless male torso with cut abs and guitar. Sexy rockstar contemporary romance.Title: Love Me Like a Song
Series: Mystic Point #9, Mystic Point Nights #9
Genre: ,

Jamison Cole had rock-and-roll stardom in his grasp. But one night mired in drugs, alcohol, and a fatal tragedy cost him his girlfriend and his band, The Drunken Poseidons, everything they'd worked for. Blacklisted by the owner of their record label, they've resigned themselves to mediocre success for the past six years, growing restless with each local gig they play.

Then she walks in — Miri Lawson. Part savior/part siren, she offers the band a chance at a comeback and JC a shot at redemption. Her innocent appearance hides a seductress JC can't resist taking to bed; her steadfast belief in him has him rethinking his vow never to love again. But there's a hitch — her father is the one who blacklisted them, and her sister is the woman he failed all those years ago.

It's a bad idea to get involved with Miri professionally. An even worse idea to make it personal. JC has everything Miri wants, and she has everything he needs, but falling in love could ruin both their lives. Can their relationship top the charts, or is it destined to be a one-hit wonder? Read on to find out!

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