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Cate’s Book Bracket: Jan vs Feb

Greetings! For 2023, I’ve decided to shake things up by hosting my own Book Bracket. Each month I will choose a favorite book out of everything I’ve read that month. Then I will pit them against one another until only one remains at the end of the year.

What I Read: Just about anything. But my TBR pile tends to skew more towards romance (duh), mystery, thriller/suspense, and horror. Every now and then, another genre may find its way in.

I will only post those titles I read and enjoyed. Anything I DNF or would not give at least 4 stars to will not be included!

Judging Criteria: If it makes me feel, if I’m left thinking about it, if I’m sorry to finish the story… then it’s a winner! Truly it’s a gut thing.




And the winner is...

Cate Reads in January and February

Below are all the books I’ve read in January and February. (Full disclosure: The links will take you to their Amazon page and I will receive a small commission if you buy through these links.)

How did I read so many? I tend to have at least 2 going at the same time… one I read before bed each night and one audiobook in the car. I drive about 2 1/2 hours a day, which means I go through about 2 or more audiobooks a week. And thanks to my old friend anxiety, falling asleep is difficult without reading for a while until my brain calms down. I’m sure some of you can relate!

Winning Book for February & Winner of Jan-Feb Bracket

Winning book for January and Runner-Up in Jan-Feb Bracket

Honorable Mention – An amazing story!


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